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Medicare dental plans : List Of Medicare Dental Plans

Medicare dental plans : was we took her aligners and we delivered her case a to day change so she was wearing her aligners at to days and throughout  Medicare dental plans  .the case wearing them to delivered her occlusion on the right side and on the left

Medicare dental plans : List Of Medicare Dental Plans

  • side now what’s happened here is a significant change in our occlusion over here makes a significant response.
  • in the gingival tissue so by expanding and up writing all of these teeth we get a favorable change in what was .
  • notched we’re beginning of a cleft in the perio too now the reshaping and a dome forming around those teeth so
  • we’re getting an improvement there we’re also taking care of what was a cross bite and a lack of a canine guided .

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protected occlusion and delivering a canine guided or protected occlusion on her on her left side so as a nice change from what is a malocclusion to a healthy stable functional occlusion undoing the crowding obviously is very nice we want a level in a line all the teeth.

We’d like to have a wide arch form we’d like to have a nice shape to it and it should be reflected in the lower teeth as well in this case providing all of those micro osteo perforations we did a slight advantage in that that primary tooth was not ankle oast because of the fact.

That that primary tooth was not ankle host I was able to expand it so we have a wider distance and up writing that tooth keeps it lined up with the other teeth so now we have a case where we have all of these teeth unraveled and we have a beautiful occlusion having the beautiful occlusion gives you the level and even gum tissue so now we have a case that has a respectable