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renaissance dental he only have time to drink one glass of fluoridated water but I weigh pounds twice as much as this this young woman is freaking the ten glasses renaissance dental so right away she’s drinking ten glasses to mine one so she’s getting ten times the dose of fluoride yeah but dosage is

the amount of drug per kilogram of weight okay so she is getting actually twenty times the dosage that I’m getting because she’s half the weight so twice as much dosage on stage many times and again speaking of this like a medication.

Renaissance Dental
Renaissance Dental

this would be like taking twenty times sure some other medication that you might be no prescribed if I said to take milligrams of ibuprofen twice a day and what would you take four thousand milligrams yeah which brings me to another point

the pro fluoridation czar often quoted in the mainstream press on radio and TV shows and newspapers or whatever oh I could dream to swimming pools worth of fluoride or I could drink gallons worth of fluoride they could but they wouldn’t live very long right pretty soon after

that they said we wouldn’t have any side effects well they’re right there there wouldn’t have any side effects cuz they’d be dead I guess you could call death a side effect anyway wish they’d quit saying that because it’s totally untrue and it’s very misleading to people

because again they’re just trying to rubber stamp this and that comes to another point the reason why they can say safe and effective and there’s no studies out there against fluoridation is every time as Teddy comes up they get the delete button and they deleted like two to three thousand studies that are anti fluoride and they can just delete them

I believe it is safe no studies against alright okay because there’s some very good studies come up recently out of Mexico that was actually done in conjunction with the University of Toronto dr. Wu a University of Michigan funded by

the National Institute of Health other than part of the states and done on pregnant women in Mexico City very very good study in and it showed that that’s when they’re short between four and seven IQ points drop in their kids Wow interesting so yes most is a little bit like the you know sort of the Monsanto’s and things like that is most of